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Are you getting enough omega-3s?

March 5, 2015

You know omega-3 EPA and DHA is good for your heart, but do you know how much omega-3 you are getting each day? A short quiz on Always Omega-3s website will help you find out if you’re meeting International Society…

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Heart Healthy Recipe: Salmon and Veggie Packets

February 20, 2015

Looking for dinner inspiration? This easy recipe comes together quickly, making it a great weeknight dinner. It’s packed with healthy omega-3s and fresh veggies, and tasty enough to not set off any ‘health food’ alarms with picky eaters. “The American…

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Helping Kids be Active in Winter

February 10, 2015

Baby, it’s cold outside. You can’t be blamed for wanting to live in a blanket fort during the winter. The lure of the cozy couch, flanked by your family armed with movies and junk food, can feel impossible to resist….

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